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Blondes Have More Fun Right?

Only if you nourish and protect those strands love.

Lets remember that going lighter strips the hair strand making it more porous and vulnerable for breakage. This is why nourishing your strands with my favourite, Eufora hair products is very important if you want to keep the overall health of the hair. Less heat styling, more leave ins!


Change is great but let’s get you set up for the process. When going lighter from black, dark brown and dark red there is a 3-4 step

process. As you can see in the photo, the hair is lifted to an orange colour, then golden blonde to brightest blonde. That being said, some hair is very difficult to lift past that second stage of orange. This is where we will re-consult and see if your hair is strong enough to continue to the next phase of lifting.


Virgin hair is untreated by any colouring dyes; Semi, Demi and Permanent.

This is a much smoother process when lightening virgin hair because i do not have to penetrate through any dyes first before lifting your own pigment. Depending how dark your hair is, it can take a few sessions. Unless your hair is naturally light, which can be done in the first session. When lifting the hair, there will always be a gold undertone. This is where toning and at home care with purple shampoo will help prevent the tone from coming through.

If your end goal is platinum, just remember, lightening can make your hair fragile. You need to be using salon grade products for longevity.

*Blonde hair needs more care*


The first quarter-inch is the new growth. This is the healthiest to work with and achieves the lightest lift with less gold present. As the hair gets older and grows out, there is more gold which makes it harder to lift. This is also a common cause of “banding.” In order to prevent this, the lightening process requires an additional step. For best results, your root appointments must be made every 5-7 weeks. Otherwise, prices may vary. If you can't manage these dates, please let me know so I have more time. Without the extra time i can't guarantee consistency.

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